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Suzanne E. Neuhaus, M.A.

In searching for a care provider for my then infant daughter, Katelyn, I considered many options, and honestly favored having someone come into my home. I interviewed over a dozen "in home" providers the phone, and nearly that many more in person. Anahit, whom we call "Ana", was the last person I interviewed, and I knew in an instant she would become Katelyn's care provider. She was confident, yet unassuming, and proud of the care environment she created for the children she served. I knew she would love my daughter and that she would perhaps become the person I was most jealous of as she witness many of Katelyn's "firsts". When I contacted the parent references she gave me, I learned of their trust and confidence in Ana, and I learned how very connected she was to each of their children - all of whom I came to meet and know.

I have never regretted sending Katelyn to Ana, and to thei day, my daughter has a deep and loving connection to the Karapetian family, especially, Ana and her father. Together with her parents, Ana is responsible for the early raising of an out going, compassionate , and generous child, eager to please and do her very best. Treated with kindness, Katelyn has learned of the power she has when she speaks her mind and cares for other. She interacts well everyone she meets, she has a remarkable sense of what's fair and equitable, and she eats well and healthfully - traits I credit in large part to her early care and rearing in Ana's home

As a business person, Ana worked above and beyond to serve the needs of each of the families she worked with , and let's face it, not everyone well respects the role of "child care provider". She was often not paid on time , parents often disregarded her scheduled time off, and some even danced on the edges of her generously set hours. She worked to assertively these issues without detriment to the children impacted, and was always reliable. She ran a very tight ship, her home was well-kept and inviting to young people, and she ensured that child felt like they were number one at some point during day.

Ana is family to us. Katelyn still visits her quite regularly, and often wishes she were still in her care. When asked what she liked most about Ana's house, she said "She liked me and she always made yummy food". That's a pretty awesome compliment from a six-year-old

Some of our dearest friends are those we met through Ana - the parents of children for whom she also provide care. In fact, four families, including ours, have maintained regular contact, and our children established friendship in her care. Even now, when they are united at a gathering to which Ana is invited, she sets a beautiful tone - one that encourages healthy and loving interaction, as well as a genuine sense of responsibility for one another. It has been a joy to witness the on-going friendship of our children, and to honor Ana for cultivating in her care

Suzanne E. (714) 970-7212

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