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Sangeetha Kolluru
Anaheim, CA 92808
to Whomever it May Concern
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter on the request of Anahit Karapetian to talk about my experience with her on a professional basis. I have two children currently who go to Ana’s Daycare. My older daughter is 2 and ? amd my son is 15 month. She is an excellent care provider and I drive 30 mts each way out of my normal route to work (despite the high gas prices) just to drop off both my kids at Ana’s because I felt it was worth the drive to get the quality of care that I felt my children deserved that only Ana can give.

I have known Ana since September 2006 when my daughter joined her Daycare. My daughter spent time at home from birth to 11 months and was registered to go to Tutor Time when she turned me. In the interim, I had her at a home daycare for one month in Anaheim Hills near my house. Two weeks into her daycare , late one Sunday night, the lady called me and told me to stop bringing my daughter starting Monday morning, as she found a ‘full time’ baby that she preferred accepting rather that continue my daughter since she was anyway registered to go to Tutor Time in 2 wks. My co-worker (coincidentally who had my same name) had her son in Ana’s Daycare and always spoke about Ana at work and how good she was. I always felt if I had lived closer and in Yorba Linda, I would have also taken her to the same place. So after make a few phone calls late at night that Sunday, I came to know that Ana had an opening and was willing to take Sanvi starting Monday morning, even thought it was ONLY for two weeks before she joined Tutor Time. Anyone signing up for doing that knows it would be immense hard work to handle an 11 month old for two wks having prior knowledge that she would be leaving soon.

Ana handled Sanvi (who was a vary fussy child) so well and her schedule going so well and I uprooted her and put her in Tutor Time as I already had her registered and paid for it. Tutor Time was the worst time in my life since my daughter fell sick everyday and came back home unhappy everyday. I pulled Sanvi out after two months and brought her back to Ana and have never looked back on my decision even once after that. She is happy child who has blossomed into an articulate and intelligent girl. I owe that to Ana so much so that when I had my second baby, I took him to Ana and he is still there to this day even though I work part time, I sent him full time to Ana’s.

The reason I am explaining all this is to voice my high opinion about Ana, her daycare standards, her love for the children, and her interaction etc is beyond doubt the best I can find in daycare quality. She shows true affection , showers the children with hags and kisses when they deserved it. I never taught my daughter ABCs or 123’s and she knows at all thanks to Ana. My family, friends, co-workers and international guests all know Ana/'s name like a household name and are so impressed with my daughter ability to interact, communicate and grasp things which I all owe to Ana because I never spent that time with my daughter to teach her the things which Ana does. Ana is so committed to her daycare and her children. Her activities, her art work and celebration of major U.S holidays with events, plays and skits for the children to make them understand the significance of a holiday is commendable for a person who immigrated to this country and does not necessarily observe every occasion. Her Christmas plays are legendary and well anticipated by children and parents alike. She showers all the children with gifts and bakes great stuff for the kids.

I have not even embarked on the topic of food and nutrition for the children. She outdoes herself in that area. In an era, where everything is microwaved and comes from a can or a carton and high sodium preservatives, Ana’s cooking is like an aroma therapy with the fresh ingredients she takes care to buy from the best produce. Every other daycare that I visited has the parents provide the food or has a freezer full of Costco food or pizza as the staple food. In fact, I have been buying from the same store she buys her produce after seeing the quality of the food she makes. She goes beyond the call of duty in selecting her food choices and planning her food. She is an excellent cook that provides the best meals for the children, fresh hot breakfast that consists of pancakes, waffles, omelet’s, scrambled eggs etc on a daily basis,l lunch that is accompanied by fresh salad, fresh cut fruit, good quality whole milk, and a wholesome dinner so much so that my daughter never has eaten dinner at my house and does not like my cooking. I just wait for the weekend to be over so that my picky daughter can go back to Ana’s food. She has instilled in the children the healthy habit of eating nutritiously that they think it is natural to eat veggies, salad and fruit and my daughter turns up her nose at cake, cookies and pizza. Every morning, I drop my kids off and I salivate at Ana’s breakfast and wish I was a kid too in her kitchen eating her hot food that she serves with so much love and affection and I am proud to have her as my daycare provider.

As parent, we heave a sigh of relief knowing our tots are in good hands when we work during the day and don/'t have to think twice of how they are doing. That is a reason why every parent has been a long term parent of 3 plus years or has had a sibling in her daycare.
If you would like to further discuss any aspect of her care, please feel free to call me at 714-931-4308 or home phone of 714-281-5922.
Thank you,

ana's family child care
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